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Sinfon Data Analytics

In the past, business improvement was viewed through three dimensions: people, business processes and technology. In the digital age, a fourth dimension is added – data.

Sinfon allows you to put data in the foundation of managing your organization. Our solutions efficiently and effectively enable obtaining knowledge from data that is crucial for making business decisions.

Our solutions include all types of data: structured, partially structured, unstructured as well as data streams that must be processed in real time. In the field of advanced analytics, we enable our customers to move from a reactive approach to management that answers the questions “what happened” and “why did it happen” to a proactive approach that deals with the questions “what will happen” and “what do we need to do to the desired outcome has occurred.”

analitika podataka
Sinfon Data Analytics


Our reporting solutions enable you to see the complete picture of your business and make better decisions based on more accurate information. You can independently access your data and create visualizations and reports without the need for programming. You can track your business in real time and react immediately to changes.

Predictive Scenarios

Predictive scenarios enable organizations to analyze large amounts of data and predict future business trends. Users can create predictive models independently without knowledge of machine learning techniques. For example, based on historical sales data in retail, the model will predict sales by the end of the year.


Simulations using the “value driver tree” (VDT) method enable analysts to model various scenarios for the impact of key parameters on business results. This allows analysts to more easily and accurately develop different business strategies depending on changes in business conditions.

Advantages of the proposed solution

  • All-in-one application: reports, analysis, plans, budgets, simulations, and predictions. 
  • Flexibility in designing planning models, simulations, allocations, and data visualization. 
  • “Excel-less” planning and budgeting. 
  • Elimination of information silos based on single data warehouse
  • Business users are able to independently develop and maintain SAC stories.”

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