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Our Team – Analytics

Vladan Petrović
Dejan Damnjanović
Jana Radivojević
Mihailo Petrović
Marija Milutinović
Voislav Galić
Bojan Kovačev
Luka Petrović

SAP team

Dejan Damnjanović graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineeringin in Belgrade and later attended on executive education program at the HEC Paris Business School. Dejan started his proffessional carier in IT domain 30 years ago and went from a programmer to a global management position in one of the world’s largest IT companies. For the last 5 years he has been dedicated to the development of solutions and products in the field of IoT, big data management and BI.

Jana Radivojevic is a master engineer of organizational sciences from Belgrade. After completing her studies, she dedicated her career to data analytics. She has experience in data analysis and visualization using different programs (Power BI, Qlik Sense, Tableau, SPSS, Phyton…).

Jana is working in Sinfon as a SAP BW/BI consultant. Her main duties are the development and maintenance of  SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) reports.

Mihailo Petrović is a SAP BW/BI Consultant from Belgrade. He has graduated from The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, study program New Computer Technologies. Mihailo is working in Sinfon as a SAP BW/BI consultant.

Marija Milutinović is a master engineer of organizational sciences.

Marija is working in Sinfon as a SAP BW/BI consultant. She deals with comparative analysis of SAC and SAP BPC(Business Planning and Consolidation) modules for planning using the DEX(Decision EXpert) referral system.

Luka Petrovic

Luka Petrović, MSc. ETH

Luka is in the final stage of his PhD studies at the University of Zurich in computer science on the topic “Machine Learning in Graphs: Statistical Inference of Higher Order Networks”. He is doing interdisciplinary research at the intersection of machine learning, complex systems and statistics. Topics of his research include dynamic complex systems, modelling of temporal networks and pathway data, Markov models and Bayesian learning. He authored several papers, the most important one has been published at The Web Conference 2022 ( Presently he is a guest scientist at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, at the chair of machine learning for complex networks.