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Sinfon Introduces LiveU at Media Market 2018

The Media Market, Media and Marketing Fair – Media Market, was also held this year in Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair from 24 to 28 October.

The exhibitors included the largest publishers of daily newspapers and magazines, radio and TV companies, Internet, specialized and regional publications, journalistic associations and agencies, as well as other organizations in the field of media and market communications.

SINFON, as the official distributor of LiveU for Serbia, introduced a number of devices intended for the safe transmission of live TV images from the field. Featured are popular “ranches” – the latest generation encoders that support 4K resolution and HEVC (H.265) but also devices designed for YouTubeers, bloggers and other broadcasters who use the Internet to reach their audiences. Visitors could see the LU600, LU500, LU200E encoders as well as LU-SOLO, the LU2000 server, as well as software solutions for smart devices at the Sinfon booth.

The solutions presented attracted the attention of media professionals, TV stand and other visitors who are interested in using the equipment for various applications. The military, police, firefighters, specialist services and even individuals are all interested in solutions that allow video or data to be transferred from the field or on the move.