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LiveU for the leading regional media

Our first domestic user of the LiveU multimedia content transmission system is Adria News, a company that also operates N1 regional television and news outlets.

LiveU is not only a professional equipment manufacturer, but also organizes and manages a service, a network of LiveU installations that allow news agencies to exchange content and use professional services with one another. LiveU system users can lease their resources to other news outlets to provide additional revenue. They can also use an extensive network of LiveU clients to realize their own projects around the world, with the involvement of local LiveU users and partners. In this way, they make significant savings while increasing their reach globally.

Taken from the N1 Television Website:

“N1 is the first regional and local 24-hour platform (TV, web, mobile) to broadcast news and updates to more than 20 million people in the Balkans. With production centers in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb, N1 is CNN’s exclusive information partner.

Thanks to a professional team of journalists and editors and with the help of advanced digital technology, N1 delivers accurate and timely on-site information.

N1 is broadcast through cable broadcasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as via cable operator in Slovenia, DHT platform in Europe and around the world, through the OTT platform Net TV Plus.


The three N1 production centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia have their own editorial approach, journalists, studios, web and mobile platforms, and create separate content for the three countries, and when it comes to the program of interest for all three environments, into one regional channel.

Launched in October 2014, N1 Television employs more than 150 professional television and web journalists, producing news, informative, sports, entertainment and educational content. “