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DVP-323 – OTDR, an instrument for measuring optical fiber characteristics

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) uses a time domain reflectometer method that is a non-destructive method for measuring longitudinal attenuation and optical fiber characteristics.

The method is based on the measurement of the reflected power of periodically loaded pulses in an optical fiber. Inserted pulses travel through the fiber and due to the occurrence of scattering from each fiber cross section, a small fraction of the power is returned to the fiber inlet where measurement is performed on the OTDR photodetector.

It is a basic tool for the construction, installation and maintenance of optical trunking cables and passive optical networks (PON, GPON, …).

The DVP323 series is a high-performance portable OTDR presented in 2017. This series product adopts some new techniques such as touch screen and real-time analysis. The optimized interface makes operations more convenient. Meanwhile the OPM and VFL are standard accessories. It is the best tool for fiber construction, deployment and maintenance.


  • 5 inch touch screen, 800×480 high dot array resolution
  • Compact structure design, lighter, thinner and smaller
  • Exceptional short distance performance; minimum 0.8m event dead zone; minimum 4m attenuation dead zone
  • Support 28dB to 36dB dynamic range of various application demands
  • Convenient and fast UE design
  • Support OPM and VFL