The FC-1 platform is the new modular chassis designed by
Deviser (https://www.deviserinstruments.com) in advanced technologies to host wide-range of test and
measurements gears. AE4000 series includes several OTDR modules
to meet various testings requirement over fiber-optic deployment
while TC700 series supports combinations of Ethernet and Transport modules to perform Ethernet service testing.


The AE4000 series of OTSR modules are the latest high-end OTDR
design presented by Deviser. It supports up to 45dB dynamic range,
0.8m event dead zone in the compact, light-weight and modern FC-1 chassis
with8 operating hours in battery power. It is the ideal
solution of field operation due to its durable, flexible and expandable

Key features:

1. expandability

  • With s OTDR modules in different specification, AE4000 series can satisfy all
    testing needs to verify fiber-optic distribution networks like GEPON and GPON deployment.
  • Due to the FC-1 modular platform, AE4000 series can be combined with Ethernet, Transport and RF communication test modules such as spectrum analyzer to expand your application s and reduce capital/operational expenditure.

2. High Accuracy: Minimum Dead Zone <0.8m

3. High Applicability

  • Handy operation touch screen
  • Fast storage function and one-button operation to save up the test result.
  • Unique feature of Mini menu allows quick and convenient operation of result review.
  • The synchronization operation of full0touch and full-keyboard mode fits different test environment